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Polyurea Floor Coating: Will It Work For Your Classic Car Garage?

by Russell Lowe

If you renovated a garage specifically for classic cars, you may want to redo the room's floor as well. But if the concrete flooring in your garage doesn't coat well with paint or another substance, you may leave the floor as is. You can redo your garage's floor with polyurea floor coatings. Learn more about polyurea floor coating and how you can use it for the floor in your garage below. 

What's Polyurea Coating?

Polyurea coating is a unique substance used to coat and protect hard-to-cover surfaces of all kinds, including concrete. The substance contains properties that make it extremely elastic and versatile to work with in all sorts of projects including renovated garage floors. Polyurea creates a smooth, flawless finish once it dries.

Polyurea coating is also resistant to moisture, heat, chemicals, and abrasives. Cars and other vehicles can leak abrasive fluids over time. Car tires can also scratch or mar flooring. Polyurea coatings protect flooring from leaks and other hazards that can damage it over time. 

In addition, polyurea coating comes with properties that protect it from weathering or wear and tear. If you don't plan to remodel your garage or its flooring in the future, you need to use a coating that can last for the life of your garage.

If you're ready to apply polyurea coating on your garage floor, contact a flooring company for services today. 

How Do You Coat Your Garage's Floor?

A flooring company or contractor will most likely look over the flooring in your garage before they coat it with polyurea. You must clean and prep concrete properly before you apply any coating material over it. A contractor will also see if your garage floor will benefit from another type of coating, such as epoxy. Epoxy is another substance used to introduce new life into old concrete flooring. 

After a flooring company or contractor evaluates your garage, they'll apply a coating of material over the floor. It may be necessary for a company or contractor to apply multiple layers of coating on your garage floor. However, most floors only require single applications to look the best.

The floor in your garage must dry completely before you can walk or park your classic cars on it. The surface of the floor may be sticky after application. You want to avoid leaving behind defects, such as foot- or shoe-prints, on your flooring until it sets completely.

Learn more about polyurea floor coating by contacting a garage floor coating contractor today.