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4 Tips for Dealing With Weeds in Your Yard

by Russell Lowe

Are you tired of dealing with weeds in your yard, and want to find a way to slow down their growth and get rid of them? Here are a few tips on weed control for your yard or garden.

Remove Visible Weeds Before They Flower

The first thing that you should do is reduce the germination of weeds on your property. This can be done by pulling weeds before they flower and seed, since allowing them to do so is only going to create more weeds. Seeds spread by allowing birds to eat them, which can spread weeds with their droppings. You may pick up seeds on your shoes as you walk in your yard, and the wind can even spread them across your lawn. 

In addition, weeds are easier to remove when they are young and small. The weeds are going to be easier to pull because the root system has not fully grown yet. This also means that the root system hasn't grown to the point where it is taking water away from the surrounding plants that you want to keep. 

Block Sunlight with Mulch

Weeds in your flower beds are going to grow because they are getting the sunlight that they need. That's why it is worth taking steps to block the sun to reduce weed growth. You can do this by using a thick layer of mulch that covers the surface and reduces how much sunlight the weeds get. You can also grow plants that provide a lot of shade and naturally block out the sun. 

Deprive Weeds of Water 

You can make adjustments to how you water your plants so that the weeds are deprived of water. This is best done by using a water-emitting tube that strategically drips water in the places where you want it to go. This will prevent you from blanketing a garden with water, which reaches your plants and your weeds. The emitter tube is going to just water the soil where you want it and prevent weeds from growing elsewhere. 

Minimize Disturbing the Soil

A common problem that people have when removing weeds is disturbing the soil, which is actually going to pull up those seeds beneath the surface. That is why it is best to pull weeds after it has rained, which is when the ground will be the softest and you'll minimize the disturbance to the soil as a result.