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Choosing A Gas Option For Your New Fire Pit

by Russell Lowe

A fire pit can be an attractive feature of your property that can be a source of warmth while also adding to the ambiance of the area. When choosing to install a new fire pit on your property, there are some benefits that gas-powered fire pit kits will be able to provide in comparison to traditional wood-burning fire pits.

Easy To Start And Adjust

Ease of use is an important factor for any accessory that you are adding to your property. With a traditional wood-burning fire pit, individuals will need to store the firewood, transport it to the pit and ignite it. Additionally, if the wood is even slightly damp, this can be far more difficult to do. Gas-powered fire pits are among the easier options in this regard as they will have a starter that can easily ignite the fuel that is being supplied to the burner. In addition to being easy to start, these fire pits are also easy to adjust the size or intensity of the flames while it is in use.

Less Cleanup After Use

After using a wood-burning fire pit, there will be considerable amounts of cleaning that will have to be done. This is due to the need to remove the soot and ash that was produced by the fire. Failing to remove these materials from the fire pit can severely reduce the performance of the fire pit the next time that you use it. This is due to the fact that these materials can obstruct the flow of air so that the flames will receive less oxygen. Gas burning systems will require far less cleaning as they will only produce a small amount of residue each time that they are used. It will still be necessary to periodically clean the burner so that this residue can be removed before they are able to create clogs. The frequency of this will vary depending on the amount of use that your gas fire pit sees, but most individuals will only need to do this once every month or two.

Can Accommodate Safety Features

Improving the safety of your fire pit will need to be a concern due to the risks that can come with an open flame. In this regard, gas fire pits can accommodate numerous safety features that can reduce the risk of individuals suffering burns or the fire being able to ignite nearby materials. One of these options will involve placing a safety screen or glass wall around the fire itself so that individuals will not be able to get close enough to burn themselves. Additionally, these fire pits can support timers that will turn them off after a certain period of time.