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Benefits Of Bamboo Area Rugs For Living Rooms

by Russell Lowe

Are you looking for the perfect area rug for your living room? Rather than going for a standard nylon or cotton area rug, you might want to consider one made from bamboo. While bamboo is not the most popular area rug material, it is becoming more popular in recent years, and it has a lot of benefits when used in your living room.

Bamboo does not stain easily

Even if you don't ordinarily drink or eat in your living room, it's almost certain to happen from time to time. And with eating and drinking comes the risk of spills and stains. Most area rugs will stain almost instantly if you spill something on them but not bamboo. Any liquid will bead up on the surface of the bamboo at first, so as long as you clean up your spill in a timely manner, you should not have to worry about stains. In a room like the living room that guests often see, having a stain-free area rug is paramount.

Bamboo is very durable

The living room tends to be one of the busier, heavier-traffic spaces in a home. As such, you really want any area rug you place there to be durable and wear-resistant. Bamboo fits the bill. It's really tough when compared to other common rug materials. It's less likely to fray or show signs of wear when people have been walking over it or dragging furniture over it.

Bamboo is a natural, eco-friendly material

If you believe in doing better for the planet by choosing eco-friendly materials for your home, then a bamboo area rug is a wise choice. Bamboo is a plant that can be grown with few to no pesticides or herbicides. It also grows back quickly, so any bamboo used to make rugs can be quickly replaced with new bamboo that will release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide as it grows.

Bamboo comes in versatile colors

Bamboo can be tinted in various colors, but still tends to have a muted, natural look. Therefore, bamboo area rugs are easy to decorate around. You can change the color of your other decor without needing to change out your area rug. This is really helpful in a living room or other space you may find yourself redecorating quite often.

There are lots of benefits that come with bamboo rugs. These are just a few of the key ones.