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3 Reasons To Install Custom Window Blinds In Your Home

by Russell Lowe

For many homeowners, window treatment is an afterthought. Custom window blinds are more often than not, the last piece of design to be added to a new home. The assumption is that shades and blinds are superfluous when in truth, they play a huge role in pulling the design elements of a room together.

It's okay if you've never thought about window treatments or aren't sure how to incorporate them in your home. Read this post to learn why you should invest in your home with custom window blinds. 

Light Control 

Installing custom window blinds ensures you can control how much light gets into your indoor spaces. While natural light is a welcome delight, being able to control its brightness allows you to boost comfort and privacy. 

When you go for custom window blinds, you can choose to cover the entire window or part of it. They come in different designs to ensure you find products that meet your needs. Depending on the room you're veiling, you can go for a blinder that lets in a lot of light or another that doesn't allow any light to penetrate. 

Areas such as the living room, bathroom, and kitchen require sufficient light to enhance your experience throughout the day. Bedrooms and movie theatres, on the other hand, require less light.

Cleanliness & Safety

Optimized window shade designs keep your house clean and safe. You won't have to dust surfaces every morning because the fabric of your custom window shades will block dirt from getting into your indoor spaces. 

High-quality fabrics also ensure that mites and other insects don't find their way into your home. Unlike heavy curtains that are suitable homes for allergens and pests, custom window shades are designed to keep pests away.

Custom window shades are also quite easy to clean, and they dry fast so that you can hang them back on your windows.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that most of your home's heat gets lost through the windows? Fitting blinds will keep the heat generated by your HVAC system within the house. Your heating and cooling system won't have to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. 

In winter, the fabric traps air against the window, providing an insulation layer that protects your home from freezing outdoor temperatures. During summer, the layer of insulation ensures the heat from outside does not get into your home. 

Custom window blinds are a suitable investment because they keep your home safe and private. Liaise with a professional interior designer to find out which types of blinds and shades would be suitable for your home.