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Zero Turn Mowers May Save You Money Over Their Life Span

by Russell Lowe

Zero turn lawn mowers usually cost more than riding mowers with wider turn radiuses, but zero turn mowers help compensate for their higher initial cost by providing savings throughout the life span of the mower. If you're looking for a new riding lawn mower, here's why a zero turn mower costs less to operate than a comparable model that's not zero turn.

Consume Less Fuel

Zero turn mowers are able to easily navigate around trees, shrubs, garden beds, walkways, ponds, and other obstacles. They don't need to mow an area multiple times to compensate for these barriers. In just one go, they can mow an area as wide as the mower -- regardless of what obstacles they have to go around.

Because you won't have to go over the same part of yard several times to get all the grass near a tree, garden or another obstacle, you'll save on fuel. Each run across your yard uses fuel, and a zero turn mower will minimize how many times you need to go across the lawn.

Help the Transmission Last Longer

Instead of going all the way across a lawn before coming back to a specific area, you could go back and forth over the one area multiple times by switching between reverse and drive. Constantly changing gears is hard on a transmission, though, and it can shorten the lifespan of your mower's engine.

Because zero turn mowers can maneuver around any obstacle, they don't have to switch between drive and reverse to cut all the grass near a barrier. They can stay in drive, thus ensuring the transmission lasts as long as possible.

Use Less Other Equipment

A zero turn mower minimizes how much other lawn-mowing equipment. Because a zero turn mower can mow right up to the edge of an obstacle, you won't have to weed wack as much -- so you won't need as heavy duty a weed wacker. Additionally, there will be little, if any, need for a push mower, since you can get almost everywhere with a zero turn mower. You might not even need to buy a smaller push mower at all.

Without a zero turn mower, you'll have to weed wack more. There may also be some areas where a non-zero turn mower can't access and you'll have to mow with a push mower.

Spend Less Time Mowing

Most of all, you'll spend less time mowing because you'll be able to quickly mow around any barriers in your yard. While this won't save you money directly, you could spend the time you save working or doing activities that save you money. Alternatively, of course, you could just spend it enjoying your nicely mowed lawn.

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