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Function, Form, And Fun: Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home

by Russell Lowe

Window treatments can make a big difference in your home. From beautifying your living space to providing additional insulation, what you choose for your windows can improve your home's hearing and cooling efficiency. You can also create a variety of looks for your home that can showcase your personal style. Whether you choose blinds, curtains, shutters, drapery, or a combination of several window treatments, you can make your home look great and be more energy efficient. 

Window Treatments with Specific Functions

Heavy drapes for your windows will keep out cold air in the winter, providing your windows with added insulation. Some people choose indoor shutters, which can be used to block or allow in sunlight and to control air flow into the home. Sheer curtains may not appear to be anything more than decorative, but they can be used to diffuse sunlight and give your home a warm, even tone. If you are looking to improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home, it's important to look at the various window treatments you are using.

Decorative Window Treatments to Set the Mood

Window treatments are an essential part to the decor of any home. Whether you want to create an intimate bedroom environment, or you want a grand looking living room, knowing what window treatments to use to produce the desired effect is important. 

First consider the color of the curtains or drapes you want to use. To create a more intimate environment, deep, rich colors such as maroon or brown will give your room a warmer feel. If you are trying to make a bold statement, tapestry drapes will make any room look grand. Think about the color of the room and the room's function to determine what will be best for window treatments. 

Mixing Up a Variety of Treatments

The options you have for window treatments are as limited as your imagination.  You can use shutters, valances, curtains, shades, or any combination of these. Some people opt for homemade, creative window treatments that are one of a kind, while others take a more traditional approach. 

If you are concerned about heating or cooling costs in your home, consider insulating window treatments. Remember that you can improve the look of your home and create an environment you love with some basic treatments for your windows. Take your time to consider your choices and don't be afraid to make a bold statement