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About Investing In Granite Tile For A Kitchen Floor

by Russell Lowe

Have you decided to replace the concrete floor in your kitchen with tile? If you are undecided about the type of tile that you should use, granite is worth giving some consideration. The great thing about granite tile is that it is a natural stone that can add more value to your house. This article contains information that can help you determine if granite tile flooring is right for your house.

What Are the Color Options for Granite Tile?

One of the perks of opting for granite tile flooring is that the color options are numerous. You can opt for a neutral color like tan that will complement various other colors in your kitchen. If you want a more defined color, you have the option of choosing different variations of blue, green, red, and other deep colors. Granite tiles can also be purchased in white or rare ebony.

Does Granite Tile Require Special Care?

You will not have to do much to take care of granite tile flooring. If food crumbs get on the floor, all you have to do is sweep them up. Mopping does not require the use of any special products. Simply use any household detergent if you need to thoroughly clean spilled soda or other fluids. However, warm water is often sufficient enough for wiping up spilled fluids.

Can Granite Tile Last for a Long Time After Installation?

Being that granite is a natural stone, you can expect for the tiles to last for many years to come. You also have the option of getting the floor sealed for even greater durability and protection. Granite tile does not stain easily due to it not being very porous, especially if food crumbs and spilled fluids are not left sitting on the floor too long. Granite is also durable because it doesn't crack easily.

What Does Professional Installation Cost?

Hiring a professional to install granite tile flooring in your kitchen is estimated to cost a minimum of $6 per square foot. Professional granite tile flooring installation can cost a little over $20 on the highest end of the scale. The quoted price will include all of the materials needed for the contractor to complete the task. The specific type of granite tile that you choose and size of the floor will affect the overall price. Make an appointment with a natural stone dealer, such as Old World Stone, so granite tile can be installed in your kitchen.