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Eliminate Dandelions From Your Vacation Home's Property

by Russell Lowe

If dandelions are growing on your vacation home's property and are diminishing the beauty of the land, take action by using one of the following methods. Once the weeds have been eliminated from the lawn, you will have a beautiful, lush lawn that you can enjoy spending time in as long as you continue to keep it maintained.


  • weed pulling tool
  • herbicide
  • rubber gloves
  • tarps
  • trash bags
  • mulch
  • rake
  • grass seed 
  • garden hose

Use A Tool Or Herbicide To Remove The Weeds

Insert a weed pulling tool into the ground, around the perimeter of each dandelion. Push the tool firmly into the ground so that it loosens each weed's root system. Pull the weeds upwards and dispose of them. If weeds are growing closely together and you find that using the weed pulling tool is time consuming, put on a pair or rubber gloves and spray the weeds with an herbicide. Point the tip of the herbicide's bottle directly and closely at each weed before emitting the product.

If you are worried about the herbicide coming into contact with grass or plants growing on your property, protect them by placing tarps over them while administering the weed killer. Once all of the weeds have been treated, it will take a couple days for them to wilt. When this occurs, pull each weed out by hand and dispose of them in a trash bag so that the chemicals in the herbicide are not exposed to your property or home.

Smother The Weeds And Plant Grass Seed

Place an even layer of mulch over the weeds to smother them if you chose not to use the previous tip. The weeds will not receive sunlight and will wilt after a few days. Inspect the condition of the weeds to ensure that they are dying. Pull each one out by hand.

If the mulch caused grass blades to wilt and die, in addition to the weeds, you may need to plant new grass seed in the affected areas. Rake the ground to level it out. Sprinkle grass seed in the areas that are lacking grass blades. Water the lawn, according to the instructions that are listed on the package of grass seed.

Soon, your vacation home's property will be attractive and weed-free. Maintain the lawn and prevent new weed growth by cutting the grass regularly and making sure that it receives plenty of water. For more information, visit a site like