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Patio Concrete Floor And Patio Furniture Rusted? Tips To Get Everything Sparkling Again

by Russell Lowe

Now that spring is here, it is time to sweep off the patio and bring the furniture back out so you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. But if you see rust after sweeping the floor, and also see rust on the furniture, don't fret, because there are many ways you can get rid of it.

Patio Concrete Floor

If you can scrape away the rust and see fresh concrete below, then the rust is only on the surface. This can be due to metal patio furniture or metal flower pots sitting on it. You can buy rust remover products from any home improvement store that will remove the rust for you.

There are also natural ways you can remove the rust if you do not want to use a chemical cleaner. Before you get started, sweep the patio floor to remove all debris. One cleaning solution that works great is undiluted vinegar or lemon juice. Pour the vinegar or lemon juice liberally over the rust stain and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes to give it time to penetrate the rust. After this time, use a hard-bristled brush to scrub the stain. Rinse the area with a garden hose, using only cold water.

If you could not scrape away the rust stain and see fresh concrete, then you may not be actually seeing rust. Instead, this is a sign that the rebar, also known as the embedded steel, inside the concrete is rusted, and the rust color is coming out to the surface.  If you are having this problem, the only recourse is to hire a concrete contractor to repair the concrete for you. They will cut out the damaged concrete until the rebar is exposed. They will then scrape away the rust from the rebar using a wire brush, and then paint the rebar with an anti-rust paint. Once they finish, they will prepare new concrete mix to replace the concrete they removed.

Metal Patio Furniture

You can also use the vinegar or lemon juice on your metal furniture to see if you can remove the stains. These only work on light stains, however. If they do not work, try removing it with a scouring pad or wire brush with medium bristles. If the furniture is painted and you see any paint bubbles, there is likely rust beneath the paint. Use a scraper to remove the paint, scrub the rust area with steel wool, or you can use a piece of sandpaper to sand it down.

Put a clear coat application over the rust area. If you are repainting the furniture, use a metal spray paint in an aerosol can that is rust-resistant.  This works well if you are painting everything the same color. If you are want a more customized color, you should purchase rust-resistant paint in a can and use a paint brush.

Learn how to maintain your patio furniture to prevent this from happening again. You should also put a seal coat on the patio floor to prevent future rusting problems.