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Incorporating Indian Textile Designs Into Your Garden and Patio Decor

by Russell Lowe

Indian textile designs have been around for centuries, some dating back to before the Crusades. If you have a fondness for these designs, many of them can find a place in your decor without clashing with the rest of your existing decor. Several of the designs also work very well in outdoor living spaces. Here are some examples that could easily be incorporated into your garden and patio decor and how you can incorporate them.


Indian design utilizes many patterns that involve leaves. Woven into rugs and carved into wood, these patterns are reminiscent of many of the natural trees and plants that grow in India. In your own decor, you can utilize these leaf motifs by stenciling and painting the designs onto furniture, carving the leaf designs out of the posts of your foot bridge or gazebo, and placing an Indian woven rug down on the floor of your outdoor living space.

Bird and/or Animal Tracks

Bird and/or animal tracks are also a common theme in Indian textiles. Three-pointed toes with webbing, hopping bird feet and talons lend themselves well to areas around your bird feeders, bird baths and even on or all over these bird-specific objects. If you have the skills or would just enjoy working with clay, you can create and imprint your own clay bird baths and clay feeders with these designs copied from pictures.


Although most people might not think that chevrons have anything to do with Indian textiles, the numerous Indian patterns involving chevrons say otherwise. Typically, chevrons are supposed to imitate the flow of waves and water and energy, but these designs, and their numerous variations, look very nice on the upholstery of patio furniture. If you would like to utilize an Indian chevron pattern and cannot seem to get it to work anywhere else in your outdoor living space, it can and does work on your patio furniture.

Flowers and Paisley

Flowers and paisley prints dominate many woven Indian rugs. In your garden, these patterns would appear right at home stamped or punched on/through decorative metal sheets or frosted or etched on glass window panes (like those surrounding your greenhouse). Additionally, these designs could be applied to flower boxes, elevated gardens, wind socks and several other garden accessories using craft paint, metal punches, layered stenciling/stencils and chisels for wood carving.

Rarer Designs

There are a few rarer designs not commonly used, if you would like something more unique. These designs include fish scales and what looks like woven netting stretched out. These designs may look nice on the bottom of a Koi pond, if you have one or intend to install one into your garden.

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