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3 Totally Unique Stairway Transformations Made Possible By Awesome Staircase Railings

by Russell Lowe

The stairway may be a traditional implement in the home, but there is no reason for this home feature to be mundane or boring where appearance is concerned. You can easily vamp up the style and personality of any stairway just by making changes to the staircase railing. If you are in the process of making some modern upgrades in the foyer or entryway of your house, make sure you consider just how big of a difference a new stairway railing could take. Here are three totally unique takes on stairway railings that can completely transform the entire design appeal of the house. 

Totally Change Things Up with Twisted Tree Branch Railings 

Take the look of the stairway in your home to an entirely new level by adding a creative and artistic touch to the staircase with tree branch railings created from metal. Metal fabricators use materials like wrought iron and fabricated steel to create long and gnarly branches that spread the span of the staircase and connect to a realistic tree at the bottom. These railings offer both style and function and can be developed into an artistic creation that is unique to your own specifications. 

Open Up a New View with Crystal Clear Glass Railing 

If you have a loft-style second floor in your home that can be viewed from the foyer or lower levels of the house, open up the space even further by kicking traditional railing to the curb. Instead opt for railings that provide a wide-open view without obstruction with glass railing panels. These large sections of glass are supported by simplistic and thin rails at each side to keep the view as open as possible and are created with acrylic-glass blends to keep the panels shatterproof. The clear glass railing is ideal in homes with little ones because the panels provide a solid protective barrier instead or slats or rails. 

Get Industrial with Steel Rope Stair Rails 

If you want to make your home a modern space that meshes well with an industrial design scheme or stainless steel and metal surfaces, steel rope stair railings are an amazing choice. Instead of solid rails made of boring wood or metal slats, these rails are constructed almost entirely from industrial-grade steel rope. The rope is stretched between basic metal rails or clear acrylic posts for a more modern approach and keeps the stairway safe but in an open way. 

If you're thinking of replacing your stair railing with something unique, consider looking into local stair railing specialist, such as the Stair Case and Railing Store.