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3 Types Of Mulch And How You Can Use Them To Landscape

by Russell Lowe

If you are planning to landscape your yard, you may be thinking of adding mulch to your flower beds and walkways. Mulch is used to preserve the moisture level within your soil and to add a decorative touch to your outdoor space. There are several different types of mulch, and each material can be suitable for a different landscaping project. Here are a few types of mulch that you can purchase and the ways that you can use them the next time you landscape:

Wood Mulch

Materials that come from trees, such as bark, pine straw and wood chips, can be used as mulch. Wood-based mulch is biodegradable, so over time, it will eventually return to the soil. Thus, it not only serves to preserve the moisture of the soil; it is also a great fertilizer.

Mulch made from wood materials is easy to work with, lightweight, and may be found in a variety of colors. Some wood mulch has even been commercially dyed to match your landscaping needs. This type of mulch works well for flower and vegetable gardens as well as areas in which shrubs are planted.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is made of synthetic materials. It is suitable for playgrounds and other areas, such as walking paths around your property or running trails, where you may want to soften the impact of a fall or step. Rubber mulch is also available in multiple colors.

Stone Mulch

Stone mulch is made of natural rock. It can be quite beautiful to look at, and it makes a great ground cover. It is suitable for use around shrubs and trees, but when used alone, may not be great for controlling weeds.  This type of mulch is best used on top of a weed shield, such as a fabric sheet.

Decorative stones such as pebbles, lava rock, or river rock can make your landscape look unique and well designed. Stone mulch is usually much smaller in size than the decorative rocks that may be in your yard. Unlike wood mulch, Stone mulch does not degrade over the years, so it may never need to be replaced.

If you decide to use mulch in your yard, be sure to apply several inches of the material around the base of your flowers and shrubs. Mulch is great for controlling weeds and preserving moisture in your soil. To choose a mulch that is suitable for your landscaping needs, visit the gardening department of a hardware store in your area. 

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