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Little Quilt, Big Impact: Why Miniature Quilts May Be A Beginning Quilter's Best Friend

by Russell Lowe

If you are new to the world of quilting, you are probably already aware of the amount of time and effort it takes to stitch a lovely quilt. You have to decide on a pattern, shop for fabric colors that blend well together, and spend many hours working on your project. You may not see the end result for months or longer.

Making a miniature quilt allows you to show off your finest quilting techniques but with much faster results. However, there are plenty of other reasons to make a miniature quilt rather than a standard-sized quilt.

Miniature quilts are less costly

Little quilts give you the opportunity to learn the craft before you invest a lot of money in fabrics and supplies. The fabric requirements for tiny quilts are minimal, and a little bit of fabric goes a long way. If you purchase about 25 fat quarters in various colors, you will be able to make dozens of miniature quilts.

Choose good quality fabric that really packs a punch in color and design. Some good choices are prints and plaids with black in them, all types of striped fabrics, mustard golds for a pop of color, and bright colors with tiny prints and small geometric designs.

The minimal amount of fabric required to make a little quilt also allows you to splurge on designer fabrics if you wish.

Miniature quilts are portable

Being able to carry your latest project with you wherever you go is one of the best advantages of making a tiny quilt. Just toss it in a tote bag and keep it with you. You will be surprised how much stitching you can get done while waiting for appointments, etc.

They also travel well and take up little room when packed in a carry-on bag or suitcase.

Miniature quilts are a decorating delight

Large quilts are difficult to display due to the large amount of space they require. You can find a use for tiny quilts in every room of the house. Why not show off your hard work and your love of quilting by proudly displaying your projects all through the house?

They make great wall hangings, but don't limit their use to only wall decorations. In the kitchen you can use a miniature quilt as a table runner or make a set of miniature quilts to use as placemats. They also make perfect basket liners.

A tiny quilt draped over the end of a fireplace mantel adds a nice country feel to a room. Drape one over the back of a chair or sofa for an inviting country look.

Miniature quilts make perfect gifts

Making miniature quilts lets you share your fondness of quilting with those you love. With less time and expense involved, you can afford to give more quilts as gifts or keepsakes for future generations. Just don't forget to add your name and date to a quilt label on the back of the quilt.

What's not to love about miniature quilts? Not only are they wonderful for decorating your home, they are less expensive to make, easily portable, and much faster to complete than standard sized quilts. They truly can be a beginning quilter's best friend.