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Considering A Wood Fence? Here Are The Pros And Cons

by Russell Lowe

While there are many fencing materials that can give you that classic wood fence look, only wood allows you to get the most authentic appearance. There are a wide range of reasons to choose wood for your privacy fence, though there are also some drawbacks. Here are some different pros and cons to consider.

Pro: They Can be Budget-Friendly

Some people view wood fences as being more expensive, but there are some ways you save money that actually make them a budget-friendly option. One way is by choosing recycled wood at your local lumber company. This lets you get the lumber at a lower price so that installation is cheaper. Wood is more expensive than vinyl, but less expensive than stone, brick, and metal.

Con: Regular Maintenance is Required

On the downside, wood is going to require more maintenance due to the delicate nature of the material. Wood can warp, experience damage from termites, or get wear and tear over time. This is why you need to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs of the wood. It needs to be treated and sealed regularly in order to keep out insects and mold, and you may need to sand it and repaint it every few years.

Pro: Wood is Eco-Friendly

Another benefit to choosing wood material for your new fence is that it is eco-friendly. Wood is a biodegradable product, so while it comes from trees, it can be used for other products and breaks down when it is disposed of. You can also recycle old wood if you ever decide to tear down the fence or upgrade it, allowing others to use that wood for their own fence or home construction projects. If you have broken wood pieces from your fence, pull them off and make a flower bed or use smaller pieces for wood compost. There are many ways to use wood and reduce your carbon footprint.

Con: You Risk Warping of the Wood

Unfortunately, moisture and water can be disastrous to wood. If it is sealed properly, you reduce your risk considerably, though it is still a risk. If it rains a lot where you live, make sure you are keeping up with maintenance, otherwise you might have rotted and warped food fencing materials. When getting it installed, ask the contractor how often you need to reseal it.

Pro: Wood Can be Customized

Lastly, wood fences can be customized not only when getting it installed, but also if you ever change your mind about the design. You can get intricate detail work on the railings or slats of the fence, or paint it different colors and textures. With vinyl fencing, it can't ever be repainted, so you need to make sure you have chosen the fence color and style you want in the very beginning.

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