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Get A Cat To Take Care Of Your Rodent Problems

by Russell Lowe

If you have a problem with rodents around your house, a cat that's a good hunter may be the best solution. Not only will the right cat help you to quickly put an end to your current rodent issues, but it will continue to do its job by keeping them away. There are some things you want to watch for when you are picking the right cat to get rid of rodents around your house. Follow the advice in this article to get a mouser you will be pleased with.

Considerations for getting a kitten

Choose a kitten that's at least a few months of age and has been under the care of its mother. The momma cat will teach its kittens how to stalk and hunt prey. Not all cats are good at catching rodents and getting one using this advice raises your chances of ending up with a successful hunter.

Considerations for getting a full grown cat

If you are considering a full grown cat that's intended to catch rodents, you want to test it to ensure it has good hunting skills. The first thing you want to check is that the cat has interest in chasing prey. An easy way to do this is to use a laser pointer. Take the laser pointer and move it around the room in front of the cat. You want to see the cat stalk and chase the light from the pointer.

You can do this same thing with cat toys tied to the end of a stick and string. Move the toys slowly and fast, you want the cat to maintain interest for a good length of time. Don't use toys with catnip to test the cat, this isn't a good way of knowing whether or not they will hunt rodents since the catnip is known for bringing out a crazier side of cats.

What to do when you get the cat home

You're going to have a better experience if you have the cat fixed. An unaltered cat will be hard to keep at home and the less it's at home, the less it will be working at ridding your home of those rodents. Set the cat up with an area where they have access to a litter box, food, and water. Leave the cat alone until it gets used to its surroundings and your family. Give it plenty of space to do its job. If you still have problems, then it is time to have a pest control company come out and help you.

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