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Why You Should Use Solar Lanterns In Your Yard

by Russell Lowe

If you are interested in getting lanterns in your yard for the upcoming summer nights, it would be a smart idea to get solar lanterns that soak up the sun during the day and then light up your night. The following lists why you should install solar lanterns.

Energy Saving and Easy

Solar lanterns will not use up any electricity, candles, batteries, or gas. That reason alone makes them well worth using. You simply need to hang the lanterns on your deck, balcony, or around your yard. There's no need for electrical wiring or plugs. The installation and usage of solar lanterns not only saves you money, but it's easy and it saves energy. Maintenance is simple, since you will never need to change batteries or refill gas. 

Renewable energy, which solar power is a part of, adds little to no negative impact on the environment, in contrast to electrical or gas power, which put out global warming emissions. You will feel better knowing that by using solar lighting you're not adding carbon dioxide or any other pollutants to the earth's atmosphere.

Low Cost

You can easily order solar lanterns online or purchase them in a home improvement store. They are fairly inexpensive, especially considering the money you will save on electricity or batteries. In the long run, they will pay for themselves.

They are reasonably priced, too. Of course, some are more than others, especially if they are made with expensive materials. You can also buy portable solar lanterns for camping, which really comes in handy when you need more light than a pit fire provides.

Innovative and Eye-catching

Most people don't know this, but solar lanterns actually provide a higher quality light than candles, regular light bulbs, or kerosene lamps. It is for this reason, and because of the low cost of solar lanterns, that many people in developing countries use them in homes and in street lighting. Solar lighting is innovative, environmentally friendly, and eye-pleasing. 

If you haven't yet, check out some designs of solar lamps and cheap lanterns online. There are bubble glass, terra cotta sculpture lanterns, stained-glass, and many more beautifully designed solar lanterns out there. These types of lamps and lanterns would make the perfect accents for your back yard or patio. You can also line your walkway or garden edges with solar-lighted torches. They are elegant and convenient for visitors who don't know the layout of your home or yard. 

If you want to add lighting to your landscape or back yard, look into getting solar powered lanterns now. They will last the whole summer and for years to come.