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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Can Survive Outdoor Summer Heat

by Russell Lowe

Summer weddings beg for an outdoor ceremony and reception, but the bright sunlight and high heat can be tough on the flowers in your centerpieces. If visions of withered, wilted blooms are putting a damper on your summer bridal plans, take heart. There are options that can beat the heat no matter how warm and sunny it is on your special day.

Pick the Right Blooms

Generally, you want to avoid any blooms that can't survive heat well when they are in the ground, let alone cut. This means pansies and impatiens are out as centerpieces. A few heat-resistant choices are:

  • Sunflowers

  • Gerbera daisies

  • Calla lilies

  • Orchids

  • Craspedia

Also, keep in mind that flowers growing in pots can better withstand heat and sun compared to cut flowers. A living potted centerpiece may let you have your dream flowers without the worry of wilt.

Filler Ideas

Your flower arrangements are more than just the blooms. Often, filler is more heat resistant than the flowers, so it can keep your centerpieces looking perky. Heat tolerant filler options include hypericum berries, baby's breath and dusty miller. You can also opt for dried yet sturdy plant material as filler, including lotus seed pods, dried berries, or dried hydrangea blooms.

Go Flower-Less

Who says your centerpieces must have flowers? Instead, opt for nonflowering plants. Place a dish garden of pretty succulents on each table. Succulent foliage provides texture and comes in a variety of colors. Best of all, most succulents thrive in the heat.

Another option is to brighten up the tables with a citrus display. Fill a glass vase with citrus, either small oranges, kumquats, or limes, and then arrange one or two heat-resistant flowers or berry sprigs at the top.

What about Roses?

Roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers, but they may not survive well in direct sun on a hot day. Instead, consider using roses in your bouquet, so you can refrigerate them between the ceremony and the reception photo shoot. If you must have them as centerpieces, consider using miniature potted roses instead. Roses still growing the soil are much better able to tolerate wilting heat.

No matter which flowers you choose, the key to success is a skilled florist like They will be able to wire water tubes into your bouquets to prevent wilt. They will also know the best treatment to help keep your blossoms perky. Best of all, their advice will prove invaluable when it comes to selecting flowers that match your wedding dreams but can handle the heat and summer sun. They may even be able to introduce you to a new favorite bloom.