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Safe Homeowner: 2 Ways A Carpet May Protect Your Family

by Russell Lowe

You may not know this, but there are two ways that a carpet can protect your family. One way is that it may protect your family from allergens. And the other way is it can keep you from slipping and hurting yourself.

In The Event Of A Slip, Your Carpet Will Be There

You may not know this, but slips and falls are one of the top reasons for unintentional deaths in the United States. So slips and falls are not to be taken lightly.

Yes, the most obvious reason why a carpet is good is a fall won't be so hard. The cushion from your carpet, especially if your carpet is thick, should help lessen the blow. This feature is not only helpful to slips because the chances that fallen objects breaking is smaller, too.

The second reason that you may want to install a carpet around your home is because it adds traction. That means that slips are less likely, even a damp carpet poses little threat to the grip you or your family has on the floor.

Another good reason to install a carpet is it hides cracks or uneven flooring in your home. Both cracks and uneven flooring can cause you or your family to trip.

Your Carpet Can Trap Allergens

Allergens can do some harm to your family like the following:

  • Increase asthma attacks should anyone suffer from asthma in your home
  • Headaches
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Red or irritated eyes
  • Coughing or shortness of breath
  • Itching

Thankfully, by installing carpet you will be helping get rid of some of the aforementioned allergic reactions. The allergens could be anything from pollen to dust mites. But the fibers in your carpet will trap all of these allergens.

Of course, this does mean that you need to vacuum your carpet regularly. Your carpet's ability to pull allergens from your home's atmosphere depends on how clean the carpet is. You can think of your carpet as an air filter. So make sure your carpet specialist services your carpet periodically. 

As you can see, installing a carpet can help your family in more ways than one. So talk to your carpeting specialist as soon as you can; so you can discuss some of the options you have. Consider the carpet's thickness, which may muffle loud noises, making your home quieter. And consider a color that will match your home perfectly. To learn more, contact a business like Carpeteria.