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4 Signs That You Need To Install An In-Home Water Softener

by Russell Lowe

If you have ever heard of a water softener, you probably know that it is installed as a way of removing excess minerals from the water that enters your home. You might not know if you need to install one or not, however, so consider looking for these signs. Then, you'll know whether or not a water softener will be a good addition to your home.

1. Your Skin is Dry

Believe it or not, you can start by looking at your own skin. If your skin feels dry all the time, it could be because of your water. Hard water can cause skin irritation and extreme dryness, and you might find that the problem will alleviate itself if you install a water softener in your home.

2. There are Rings in Your Toilet and Bathtub

Hard water is more likely to leave orange rings in your bathtub and your toilet. If you have reasonably new fixtures and have scrubbed and scrubbed them but can't get rid of the rings, there is a good chance that your water is to blame.

3. Your Dishes Look Cloudy

After being washed, your glasses should be crystal-clear and beautifully clean. However, dishes that are washed in hard water often become cloudy and may still look dirty even after a thorough washing. Don't blame the problem on your dishwasher just yet; it could be your water that is causing this unattractive finish.

4. You Have a Lot of Plumbing Problems

If you are careful not to flush the wrong things down your toilet or in your drains, but if you still have trouble with clogs and plumbing problems, your hard water could be the cause of the problem. Hard water is more likely to add scaling to your plumbing pipes and can cause corrosion and other issues. If you install a water softener, you will be able to prevent these problems and can save money on hiring a plumber to help with these issues.

Hard water refers to water that has calcium and magnesium as a component. Although small amounts of these minerals isn't a big deal, having too many minerals in your water can cause the above-mentioned problems and more. If you have noticed any or all of these signs, now is the time to install an in-home water softener. Then, all of the water that comes into your home will be filtered and softened to prevent these issues.

For more information, contact Johnson Water Conditioning or a similar company.