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Identifying And Eliminating Your Unwanted Bedroom Invaders

by Russell Lowe

When some type of pest has invaded your bed, it is important to determine its species. This information helps you figure out the best methods for removing these unwanted invaders.


One type of insect that could be within your room is bedbugs, which that live and breed within your mattress. These little bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out while you are sleeping.

These bugs are very small, since the adults are around 5-9mm in length. When they first hatch, these insects are about 1.6mm in length, so you need to rely on other signs for determining if your problem is bedbugs.

One sign that these bugs are in your room is small reddish or brown spot on your bedding, which are blood droplets from where the bedbugs bit you. In some cases, you can find them in clusters, but this is not always a clear sign of bedbugs, because other insects can gather in groups the same way.

To handle the situation, you first need to wash all soft surfaces such as bedding and curtains in hot water. It is also a good idea to steam clean your carpeting, since the higher temperatures can kill the eggs before they can hatch.

To eliminate the adults, you need to spray your mattress, walls and carpeting with an insecticide specifically for killing bedbugs. This portion of the process generally requires a lot of time, because bedbugs can hide anywhere in your room. To handle the issue quickly and effectively, it is best to seek the advice and services of a pest control company.

Carpet Beetles

When you do not have any spots on your bedding but you still have marks that look like bites, your problem may be carpet beetles. These beetles do not actually bite you. Instead, the hairs from the larva cause an allergic reaction that looks very similar to bug bites.

When walking through your room, static electricity causes the hairs to cling to your skin. After prolong exposure, your skin can develop marks, which is why some people think their problem is bedbugs. However, if only one person in your room has these marks, it is a good indicator that your problem is carpet beetles.

Additionally, carpet beetles are small and they generally do not come out during the daylight hours. You normally have to rely on the information you can see such as no blood spots on your bedding.

Steam cleaning your carpets is a good method for dealing with carpet beetles. This process kills a lot of the adults, larva and eggs within the space. You can also find insecticides that kill the beetles on contact and some products that prevent the eggs from hatching.

When pests have invaded your bedroom, you need to figure out which type of insect you are dealing with. Once you know the species you are dealing with, you need to clean the area and apply the correct insecticide for handling your problem. For additional assistance, contact a company like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies.