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5 Tips To Help Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

by Russell Lowe

Fresh cut flowers from a flower delivery service can brighten up a room. They can also brighten up your day if you receive them as a gift from someone who is special to you. One of the first things you should do when you receive a bouquet of flowers is to put them in water to prevent them from wilting too quickly. While water will keep them fresh for a while, it will not prevent the bacterial growth that causes flowers to wilt. In addition, water alone does not contain any nutrients to keep the flowers healthy. In order to delay wilting, you can add substances to the water that will slow the growth of bacteria and nourish the flowers.

Add Bleach To The Water

Bleach does more than just kill bacteria on surfaces around the home. It can extend the life of your flowers by killing bacteria in the water in which you place your flowers. Add at least two drop of bleach to the water to slow the growth of bacteria.

Add Soda To The Water

The sugar in soda can add vital nutrients to fresh cut flowers and make them last longer; to take advantage of the nourishing properties of soda, add 1/4 cup to the water in which you put your flowers.

Add Clear Spirits To The Water

Adding clear spirits, such as vodka or white rum, to the water helps to reduce the amount of bacteria in the water. This method works even better if you also add a teaspoon of sugar, since the sugar will help to add nutrients to the stem of the flowers to further prevent them from wilting.

Add Copper Coins To The Water

Adding copper coins to the water helps to keep your flowers fresh, because the copper in the coins acidifies the water and inhibits the growth of bacteria, helping the flowers to stay alive longer.

Add Aspirin To The Water

Aspirin does more than relieve pain—it can prevent bacteria from wilting your flowers too quickly. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which destroys bacteria. Get two aspirin tablets and crush them with the back of a spoon until they are powdery, and pour the powder into the water.

Fresh cut flowers will usually come with flower food, and it is safe to use any of the methods outlined along with flower food. Flower food should not be put aside because you are adding other substances to the water.