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Important Reasons To Use Vinyl Flooring For Health And Peace Of Mind

by Russell Lowe

Are you a new homeowner? Have you just moved into your home, only to discover that it's infested with a variety of bugs and insects? Instead of calling for an exterminator, your first step should probably be to replace your flooring:

Insects hide in carpet

Many insects live and breed in your carpet, even if you're not aware of them. Ants and roaches may eat and burrow tunnels through your carpet's padding, emerging in several different places throughout your room. Plush carpet fibers also make the perfect hiding place for mites, fleas and assorted types of spiders since carpet roughly mimics short-cut grass.

There is even a species of beetle called a carpet beetle that makes its home in your carpeting. In contrast, wood and vinyl flooring leave few places for an insect to hide. Crevices around your baseboards can easily be sealed over with caulk, preventing further insect infestation.

Insects cause damage

Are you hesitant about ripping up your old carpet and replacing it with vinyl flooring? After all, what can a few harmless insects do? Carpet beetles are similar to clothes moths, eating nearly all fabrics and sometimes even hair. Roaches infamously will eat practically anything that comes their way.

Ants will contaminate any open food, requiring that the food is thrown out. They will also swarm over any sugary or greasy containers in your home, biting you and wreaking havoc along the way. Removing the carpet can be essential to getting rid of these problems before they become too serious.

Insects cause allergies

Although dust mites are well known for causing asthma flare ups, you may not know about other types of allergies. Carpet beetle larvae shed tiny hairs that can irritate sensitive individuals. Roaches are well known for carrying assorted ailments. Fleas and ticks can carry things like Lyme disease, as well as make some individuals allergic to red meat. Vinyl flooring will help to get rid of most of your home's potential insect breeding grounds, eliminating the majority of your insect pests.

Although you may not have initially planned on replacing your new home's carpet with vinyl flooring, you should seriously consider doing so. Changing to vinyl or wood flooring now will help to prevent many hundreds of dollars in damage. It can also help prevent expensive doctor bills and hospital says. No doubt you'll agree that preventing serious health problems and keeping your family safe is worth the investment.

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