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3 Tips For Cleaning Wooden Venetian Blinds

by Russell Lowe

Wooden venetian blinds can be an appealing and functional way to beautify any room of your house, but they can be a pain to clean. Feather dusters are not often heavy enough to pull dust off each piece of wood, and common types of cleansers can potentially harm the wood. So, what's the secret? Here are three tips you should follow when cleaning wooden venetian blinds:

Use the Right Materials

Feather dusters and paper towels may work to clean light layers of dust from wooden venetian blinds, but you'll likely need heavier cleaning surfaces when there's a large amount of dust/dirt piled up. Use a microfiber cloth or cotton glove to wipe each blind separately. Gloves work rather well due to the fact that you can use your hand to clean both sides of each blind. A clean sock can also work well. One final tip: Place a fabric softener sheet between the cloth and the blind when wiping dust away. This removes additional dirt as well as helps reduce the amount of static electricity on the blinds (which can cause them to become extra dusty).

Avoid Most Liquids

Since most types of liquids including most cleansers can warp wooden blinds, you'll need to use specific liquids when you find that you need more cleaning power than dry cloth/dusters can provide. Oil soap can be used to rid the blinds of stains or sticky substances. Oil soap usually comes in a spray formula and can also help make your blinds look glossy. Lemon oil can also be used when mixed with a tiny amount (less than half a cup) of warm water. If you use liquid cleanser on your blinds, make sure to dry the blinds thoroughly using a lint-free cloth afterwards.

Utilize Other Options for Quick Cleaning

In general, wooden blinds will need to be cleaned and dusted more often than plastic/metal blinds. This is due to their larger size. For quick cleaning sessions, you can use a vacuum hose with a soft brush attachment to take away loose dust. Don't use any other attachments on your blinds—they may damage the cords. Also, make sure to set the blinds so they're pointed downward while using the vacuum hose.

With the above tips you can ensure that your wooden blinds look as beautiful as possible and don't become a dust-covered eyesore. When venetian blinds are properly cleaned, they can last for years and remain beautiful the entire time. For replacements, contact professionals such as Aero Shade Co. Inc.